Currently in development. An interactive epic western. Coming to NYC 2018/2019.

Set in the waning days of the old west, Revengers is the story a farm girl tasked with avenging the murder of her brother by the ghost of said brother. Gathering a team of unlikely heroes alongside her, she sets off on an epic adventure, a myth made by YOU.
Using patent pending technology on their smart phones, the audience chooses which direction the story goes, determining the team's success, who lives, who dies, and more.

With over 50 audience choices, no show will ever be the same. 

Photos from workshop production at The University of Florida.




Witches?! IN salem!?

A play in progress. (Also in progress as a screenplay.)

Two very real witches find themselves in Salem, Massachusetts in the year 1692.
They are very confused. Atrocities and comedy ensue.

Think Monty Python meets Mel Brooks meets mass hysteria.


Space COVER.png

Space Diary of a star trooper

A novel in progress. 

Star Trooper Designation #OD.D043, lowly soldier of the Great Galacticum Imperium Supremica, is the sole survivor of a terrible massacre on planet #224781223. In order to harness the sheer power of her psychological stress to bring destruction to their enemies she is given a special journal. These are her thoughts.


Pendragon Cycle
The Galactic Histories

Pendragon (10).jpg

Pendragon Iv
the questing beast
Launcelot & Gwen-ev
Mordred i

A four-part episodic reimagining of Arthurian Legend as a Space Opera.

The Universe is shrinking...

Nearly four trillion years in the future, the galaxy is in an endless cycle of war. 

But in these dark times, a King appears, as they tend to do.

Chronicling Artchura's unlikely rise to galactic power, the many amazing deeds of The Knights of a Very Small Round Table, the tragic love affair between Launcelot & Gwen-EV, and the fallout that ensues from it all, The Pendragon Cycle will reimagine one of humankind's oldest stories. 

The Pendragon Cycle is an adaptation of classic works such as Le Morte D'Arthur, Sir Gawain & The Green Knight, The Vulgate Cycle, and more.

Coming Eventually...