"But “Puffs” exudes a jovial, winking fondness for all things Harry. For Potterphiliacs eager to revisit that world, that’s enticement enough." -Laura Collins-Hughes, New York Times


"But Puffs is more than just silly fluff. Playwright Matt Cox includes heartfelt message in the piece about the nature of failure and loyalty. He accomplishes that very delicate balance of screwball comedy and real sincerity. And he isn’t afraid to kill off a well-loved character in pursuit of his story. He continually impresses as an examiner of pop culture narratives." -Rachel Kerry, New York Theatre Review


"Matt Cox’s script is blissfully hysterical, brimming with nods to the novels’ unforgettable moments." -Artem Yasunov, Theatre Is Easy


"Matt Cox is just an astounding writer. Gag-for-gag, his scripts are as funny as any of the biggest comedies on Broadway right now. Watching anything from his portfolio being performed Off-Off Broadway is like watching Rocky Balboa fighting in a Middle School Junior Varsity Boxing Intramural. ‘Punching above his weight’ doesn’t even come close to describing it. His writing is just too damn funny. Every line is a new experience in “Wow, that was great! What’s next?” Thomas Burns Scully, OnStage Blog
"As surprised as I was by how much I laughed at Puffs, I was all the more surprised at how it actually moved me. Unlike most pieces of pop culture that avow devotion to the average joe, the little guy, the nobody, Puffs never undercuts its message." -Michael Arbeiter, Nerdist (5/5 Burritos.)


*Time Out NY Critic's Pick* *Theatre Is Easy Best Bet*  

"...smartly scripted...rollicking serial adventure" -Laura Collins-Hughes in a review for Puffs.


“… a really engaging, epic, action-adventure story with romance and danger… it’s edge-of-your-seat theater… the audience was with them every step of the way… so fully-realized and smart and fun and awesome and as long as you don’t hate joy, I really recommend it…” -Maxamoo podcast (8:45)


“…More impressive than the intricate plotting of the evening is the ability of both the writing and performance to never drift into parody...Character deaths hurt, romances thrill, and even the changing alliances of villains late in the game will melt your heart.” -David Levy, Flavorpill


“…It is no exaggeration to say that ‘Kapow-i’ is a non-stop riot. I started laughing almost immediately, and didn’t stop. The definition of the term. Creator Matt Cox, and directors Kristin McCarthy Parker and Joel Soren have done something great here…” -Thomas Burns Scully, Onstage Blog


“Every now and then I will see a show so good, so perfectly attuned to my own weird aesthetic that I will actually become angry that someone created and executed the concept first…”       -Amanda LaPergola, Theatre Is Easy